Lilliput Rats

A rat is for life, not just for Christmas - Save A Rat Today


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Dr Paul Skvorc, a talented biologist who has worked tirelessly towards bio-diversity for decades, particularly in scientific research fields. He is one of the few true "scientists" in this world of scientific fraud and corruption. Thank you Paul.

Welcome to Lilliput Rattery!

 Welcome to the Lilliput STUD! website


Latest update....


Some good news... Lilliput is now Lilliput Stud! Thanks to my lovely russian blue doe Mnemosyne who is now an NFRS silver champion. 

Hopefully, Mnemosyne and her sister Phoebe will soon be making some lovely babies, but due to a recent influx of rescue rats, i had to put my plans on hold for a little while. 


Please email for more details or see the facebook page :)


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